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This site explores a personal passion of mine, the genre of crime movies. Chases, police, felonies, mugshots, tough guys and girls, misdemeanors, black and white or color, big features and small indie productions. I cover all eras of crime cinema, from classic film Noir to modern action.


Out of the past Robert Odierna
Robert Mitchum Dark Noir Crime Caper

Out of the past – A classic Mitchum Film Noir about a man trying to escape his big city past by adopting a new identity in a small town.


maltesefalcon robert odierna

The Maltese Falcon – A Noir Icon. A classic John Huston film Starring Humphrey Bogart as the iconic Private Investigator Sam Spade.

con air robert odierna

A more recent film than the last two. A Jerry Bruckheimer prison escape about a just paroled man who is caught up in a conspiracy by convicted felons to escape a prison transport plane. Sub-plots include a conspiracy by Columbian drug smugglers and the friendships among the criminals and their family lives.

cobra robert odierna

An early 80’s cop adventure from a time when Hollywood thought adding Sylvester Stallone could save any movie. While a flawed movie it has spectacular chases, cool cars and charismatic actors and an iconic 80’s look to it.

all the presidents men Robert Odierna

All the President’s Men – High Crimes and Misdemeanors indeed, a classic in the political thriller genre. Follows 2 crusading journalists in their quest to get to the bottom of a DC conspiracy that might just lead to the arrest, impeachment, conviction and mugshot of the most powerful man in the world.


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