Hi all,

Here is what is coming up on my site, order may be subject to change:

gun crazy cover robert odierna review criminal mugshot

Gun Crazy: An interesting little film noir from 1950. A professional marksman and his wife go on an interstate crime spree. Good example of a film noir femme fatale or lethal lady. Screenplay by Dalton Trumbo under an alias while he was blacklisted.

high and low cover robert odierna criminal review mugshot police arrest

High and Low: Have been planning to review this, will be uploading as soon as it gets here, the post office seems to have lost my copy. High and low is a classic film noir police procedural from Japanese director Akira Kurosawa.

key largo robert odierna title florida sheriff island

Key Largo: Classic Bogie and Bacall collaboration with a great story and cast. A group of people are trapped in a Florida hotel with a notorious gangster during a hurricane. This one is an all time favorite of mine.

Longmire-TV-Series title robert odierna sheriff arrest mugshot

Longmire: One of the best new, American TV police dramas. The show follows a rural county sheriff trying to keep it together after the death of his wife. Sheriff Longmire has to deal with local politics, wanted criminals, drug traffickers, homicidal locals and politically charged standoffs with the tribal police of the local native reservation. Complicated storylines and sophisticated characters.


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