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Here is what I have coming up in the review schedule.

psych title tv series robert odierna

Psych (2006 TV Series) Lighthearted detective show starring James Roday and Dule Hill as a pair of unlikely detectives. Shawn Spencer (Roday) is a brilliant but sometimes lazy son of a police detective who solves crimes using his powerfully trained memory and analytical abilities. An unfortunate brush with the law in his youth means that he can’t become a police officer. So he does the next most logical thing, he pretends to be a psychic?!? Dule Hill plays his long suffering and hard working friend and partner in crime Gus Guster.

out_of_the_past robert odierna

Out Of The Past (1947) Robert Mitchum stars as a man trying to escape his past. His small town neighbors know him as a gas station clerk but Jeff has quite a few skeletons in his closet and we get to see most of them when that past comes calling. This is one dark, twisted and convoluted film noir and I’m still not sure what to make of it after viewing it for review.

george raft mugshot robert odierna

Mugshot: George Raft Many actors played mobsters and tough guys in their careers. George Raft more than likely was one in real life. George grew up in the toughest part of Hell’s Kitchen New York. Friends in his youth included such famous names as Owney Madden and Bugsy Siegel. While considered a top flight leading man and dancer in his day, his mob connections and tough guy roles overshadow his other accomplishments.

the box 2006 cameron diaz robert odierna criminal movie reviews

The Box (2009) Modern psychological thriller starring Cameron Diaz that looks to borrow some of that Hitchcock mojo.A suburban couple receive a mysterious wooden box that will supposedly grant them 1 million dollars if they push the button. But pushing the button will simultaneously kill another human being somewhere in the world. They have 24 hours to make their decision. This starts an intense psychological and moral debate between them.



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