My first Liebster award

Hello everybody,

First I’d like to thank FilmsCine for nominating me. I’m still getting used to the whole blogging thing and the Liebster award itself, so apologies in advance if I make a mistake.


Here are my answers to FilmCine’s questions:


1    Snog, Marry, Avoid, Send to another planet: Jim Carrey, Sally Field, Dustin Hoffman, Cate  Blanchett


Snog: Cate Blanchett. Great actress, unique and unconventional beauty. She also looks like she’d be fun to be around.

Marry: Sally Field, multi-talented lady with an adorable personality and an ageless girl next door look.

Avoid: Dustin Hoffman, great actor, nothing against him personally. Just overshadowed by the competition.

Send to another planet: Jim Carrey, he acts like he’s from one sometimes. I love his dramatic acting in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Truman Show and The Majestic. I know I’ll be in the minority on this, but most of his comedy is a little hyperactive for my taste.


2    What’s your favourite film genre and why?


That’s an easy one, Film Noir. I love the style and the stories told. The rich black and white camera work. The dark and conflicted storylines and unconventional heroes. Most modern crime and action films owe a lot to the pioneering cast and crews of these classics. They literally defined new ways to make films, especially when you see what conventional Hollywood at the time was producing for the most part.


3  What’s the key ingredient to a truly fantastic film?


A good plan and leadership. Too many films seem to fall on their face due to a lack of proper planning. Often when there’s a catastrophic failure in the industry (Heaven’s Gate, Waterworld, Cutthroat Island) you hear about poor planning resulting in budget issues and chaos on set. It’s always amazed me how often production companies will rush into a multi-million dollar, high risk project like a major motion picture with almost no planning.


4    Which remake do you wish never happened?


I would have to say the 1998 version of Psycho. Not just a remake, but virtually a shot for shot remake. Inferior in all ways to the original, derivative and unnecessary. You might as well try to sell a counterfeit of an old master painting. An utter waste of time, money and talent.


5   What do you do when you’re not blogging?

I work in IT as a programmer. Other than that, I have an obvious interest in film. I also collect vintage tabletop games and miniatures. Nothing too exciting to be honest.


6    Would you rather have a coffee with Donald Trump or Kris Kardashian?

Probably neither by choice, but in this case I would say Donald Trump. Recent political nonsense aside, the man could be a film character in the flesh. Loud, brash, brilliant and obnoxious. The proverbial bull in a china shop. The meeting would not be boring, that’s for sure.


7   Gary Oldman’s best role?

I would have to say Stansfield in Léon: The Professional. Great film and one of Oldman’s best in his “villain” phase. A close second would be as Oswald in JFK.


8    Quentin Tarantino’s worst film?

Worst being relative with anything Tarantino; I would have to say Jackie Brown. This is hard for me because I like the film and I’m an Elmore Leonard fan (the author of the novel the film was based on.) I just don’t think it’s as strong as his other efforts.

In my own opinion, I think he listened too much to the critics and played it safeish instead of following his instincts. Tarantino is at his best when he’s flying on the bleeding edge of cool. When he starts to second guess himself, it takes some of his power away.


9   If you could transport one character from one movie into another movie, who and what would it be?

Interesting question. Offhand, I would say Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham into the 2010 Robin Hood. Rickman had a great performance in an otherwise terrible film. The 2010 Robin Hood had good leads but badly needed a literary kick in the ass to focus it. Rickman’s sadistic madman could have lifted that meandering mess out of its “who’s the villain again?” doldrums and given it some badly needed direction.



10    What do you rate the movie Grease out of 10?

Not really my kind of film but I would say it’s a solid 7 of 10. It’s very well produced, with a talented cast, as well as good song numbers and choreography. The story moves along well and the editing is tight, not a lot of filler, while developing the characters well. Pretty much one of the definitive musicals of the 60s-70s revival of the genre.


11    Do you think the moon landing happened or do you think the moon landing did not happen?

I would have to say it did happen. The film industry at the time wasn’t ready to fake something of that magnitude. Too much of the physics would be difficult, if not impossible to emulate perfectly on conventional soundstages.

Also with all of the film bloggers around who take films apart virtually frame by frame, someone would have found the smoking gun by now.

Not to mention with the number of crew you would need to pull it off, someone would have talked.


Here are  my nominations for the Liebster:


I don’t have too many yet. Since the Liebster seems to be meant for smaller sites, I’m nominating a few small but worthy blogs. A great example of the kind of esoteric and fascinating subjects that blogs can speak on. Dave Addey’s blog Typeset in the Future combines two highly specialized genres, typography (the design and study of fonts) and cinematography, with a detailed look at fonts and typography in the science fiction film genre specifically. The name says it all. While the site design is spare, there are a number of reviews for very obscure and interesting films, many arthouse and foreign. Well worth a look. Film, restaurant, theater reviewer and dapper British chap about town. Nick Lambert is a class act all around.


Here are my questions to the nominees:


1: If you were casting a film, which 5 actors (any era of film) would you cast?


2: What genre would the film be in?


3: Black and White or Color?


4: Who would your principal crew be (any era, director, soundtrack, cinematographer, writer, etc. (as many as you want.)


5: What was your first “favorite” film?


6: If you could pick 5 films that represent that best represent the art of filmmaking, what would they be?


7:  What is your all-time favorite film soundtrack?


8: If you were to regularly blog about anything besides your chosen subject, what would it be?


9: What fictional character best reflects your personality?


10: If you could live in a fictional universe, which would it be?


11: If you could meet one artist or historical figure, who would it be?


Thanks again to everybody!





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