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Here’s what’s coming up in the review queue:


Panic in the streets

One of the first true medical thrillers also happens to be a classic film noir. A doctor desperately tries to track down two criminals on the run that are unknowingly infected with the deadly Pneumonic Plague. He has 48 hours to find them before they become contagious and infect all of New Orleans!



One of a whole genre of films from the 80s and 90s about hackers and computers. A security expert becomes a pawn in an international spy game when he and his team come into the possession of a mysterious machine that can decrypt any information. An all star cast and great script make this one fun even if you’re not a computer expert.


The Big Heat

One of the best of the film noir genre. Fritz Lang’s masterpiece about a police officer’s vengeance against a corrupt crime organization that rules the city and the police force he works for. Get ready for a crawl through the underbelly of machine politics and organized crime at it’s worst.

Veronica Lake 1945

Mugshot: Veronica Lake

One of the most iconic actresses of the 1940s. Her petite good looks and distinctive peak a boo blond hairstyle made her instantly recognizable. Usually paired with Alan Ladd (also shorter than average height) several of her films are considered classics of the film noir genre. These include This Gun For Hire, The Glass Key and The Blue Dahlia.



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