Hello everyone,

I just wanted to give an update on what reviews I am currently working on.

bosch title bob odierna criminal reviews

The first one up will be a modern show from Amazon of all places. Bosch, is a kind of neo-noir detective mystery based on a famous series of novels. The show follows the adventures of the very unconventional detective Hieronymus (Harry) Bosch. As much a thorn in the side of his superiors as he is to the criminals he chases. Harry tries his best to navigate the smoke and mirrors politics of modern police politics while trying to capture a deadly serial killer.

Sinners in paradise title bob odierna criminal move reviews

Next up is the 1938 drama Sinners In Paradise, about a group of survivors marooned on an island in a seaplane crash. Many of them have secrets and issues with each other. They also have a neighbor, the reclusive Mr. Taylor, who has a boat but refuses to rescue them. In fact he wants nothing to do with them. While they try to convince him to help, the group must band together to survive.

strange love of martha ivers title bob odierna

Finally is the oddly titled, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, a 1946 drama with a dynamite cast including Barbara Stanwyck, Lizabeth Scott and Kirk Douglas. The film is the story of a ruthless domineering woman who is the wife of the District Attorney, and a deadly secret she’s been keeping.




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