Hi everybody, here is a list of reviews I am currently working on. A bit of a mixed bag this time, a US TV miniseries, another Brit-mystery and a film noir classic.


First up is DCI Banks, a recent show from ITV in England. DCI Banks is an old school detective trying to navigate the perils of modern life while breaking in a new team and trying to catch a diabolical serial murderer.


Next is Harper’s Island, an interesting attempt to blend the drama of an evening soap with the suspense and terror of a slasher film, all while trying to keep it at a network friendly TV-14/PG-13 rating.


Finally, a personal favorite of mine, Pickup On South Street, a low budget, but feisty blend of film noir and espionage as a pick pocket becomes tangled in the dealings of a dangerous international spy ring after he steals a woman’s purse on a subway.


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